Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Note Book and mini goals

I bought a note book today. I bought this little note book to help me keep track of my daily activities and what I am eating through out the day. I need to help make myself accountable for the way I am treating my body. I have made the mini goal of getting to 150 pounds by the time my niece is born. See, I need to make mini goals for myself otherwise I get off track. Also, I know that I will love baby Isabelle more then anything but, this is also going to be harder on me then most people realize. I think if I give myself a goal, and I get to it, I will have something to be proud of too. Might not be a baby of my own but it will be something. Please help cheer me on as I try my hardest to reach 150 pounds by Isabelle's due date. Isabelle is due July 18th. Not a lot of time to do it but if I try, I just might pull it off.


Wow! has it really been a month since i posted last? time flys when you are having fun! or actually just plain ol' busy. Lets see, what has happened in the last month?

May 30th was Angela and Zack's Wedding in Suttons Bay. We had a lot of fun and even got to go do some wine tasting. We experienced a whole new wine that will be perfect for those cool nights by the camp fire. It is a spiced wine that is served warm. It was very yummy!

The first week of June we spent trying to get back in the groove of things. We spent a lot of time getting caught back up on chores and put some of our chicken eggs in the incubator. The second and third week of June was kind of a blur. Our 5 year wedding anniversery was on Friday, June 19th. I took a half day off of work and spent time at home hanging out with Bryan. It was nice because we spent the majority of the day just relaxing which is something we do not do very often. We ended up dressing up that night and going out to a fancy dinner. It as nice to get dressed up and feel special. Bryan and I opened our presents from each other. Bryan made me a cutting board out of walnut and bought me a professional series Kitchen Aid chopping knife. Might seem like a wierd anniversery present to some but it was really right up my ally. Ilove to cook and bake and it was kinda neat because the cutting board was made out of the same wood and stained the same stain we are using for our counter tops. Yes, we have opted to put in custom butcher block counter tops instead of the granite. Our house is going to be more of a craftsman style house and I think the walnut counter tops will accent the rest of the wood work nicely.

So here we are, the last week of June and all I can say is it is Hot! way to hot outside. I dont mind the heat but the humidity is just horrible. I spent last night trying to learn how to mow the lawn. I was not very successful. Call me crazy but it is a lot scarier then I thought. I just dont like having to go around things. Needless to say, Bryan told me to just concentrate on the house work and exercising. I went for a 4 mile bike ride last night after it cooled off and enjoyed seeing all the animals along the way. I encountered a mama deer with two fawns and came across my favorite house who for the last year have had 3 very cute cows well, steers. For all of you who call a cow, a cow... I am often corrected that a female is a Cow and a male is a bull or a steer. I guess that all depends on if the got the nuts still. OUCH! anyways i still stand by a cow is a cow is a cow kinda thing. Its not like I am going to ask my 3 year old what is that and say a steer. no, its a fricking cow! or say whats a steer say... mooo? It is totally a cow. anyways, the house with the three cows have 3 new baby cows too so now there are 6. Oh and those eggs we put in the incubator three and and a half weeks ago were starting to hatch this morning. It makes me so happy to see them hatching. We do not always have such good luck. Mother nature is much better at taking her course and making things turn out the way they should.

Other then that, the weight thing has not been going so good. I kinda lost my ambition a little bit due to some depression and I am trying my hardest to get back to where i was. It has just been hard latley so I am just going to take one day at a time.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby Ducks

Well, what can I say other then I Love all of my little critters and get the biggest kick out of getting new babies to add to our family. Sometimes I wonder if I love getting new babies to fill the void of not having a child of my own but, I feel like a little kid again when I am around my little critters. I play like a child, laugh like a child, and can put aside anything that breaks my heart when I am around my critters.

So, if you are all wondering how many critters does this Cortney chick have? here is the run down.

Gunner= 3 year old male Border Collie
Dakota= 1 year old female Border Collie
14 Rhode Island Red hens
1 Rhode Island Red Rooster
1 Black and White Rabbit named Lexi
2 Cats that are currently living with my mom
25 Barred Rock Chicks on their way
*We use to have 4 eastern wild strain turkeys but, we ate them! they made great turkey burger.

and....Introducing the newest additions to the Zischke Family.

4 Baby Ducks

enjoy checking out the pictures of them from today.

Friday, May 22, 2009


So last night Bryan decided to try to teach me to Kayak down the Looking Glass River...It totally didn't go to well. What I had envisioned was paddling up river, getting a good work out and spending quality time with the husband. What really happened? I did pretty good going down stream, but once we turned around to go up stream it became a disaster. I have no idea what i was doing wrong, but i couldn't paddle fast enough or keep the damn Kayak straight. I kept running into logs, brush and even ran into the bridge. To top it all off, I was being eaten alive by the mosquitos that were breeding on top of the water. It pretty much sucked to say the least. I left the park with a broken and disappointed heart. I was disappointed and mad at myself because I thought i would be able to get the hang of it and also because I could tell that Bryan was disappointed too. He always thinks that I just dont try hard enough, and I will admit that I really do not usually try to do much of anything that pretains exersize, but this time I really was trying hard. So instead of getting exersize kayaking, I went for a 6 mile walk/run. It was relaxing, it gave me time to think, the mosquitos left me alone, and I got to enjoy the sweet smell of spring all while burning calories. You ever notice how many wonderful smells there are in the spring? last night I was over whelmed with the smell of lilacs and blossoming peonies.

This weekend Is Memorial Day weekend. On my walk last night I started to reflect on Memorial Day a year ago. (see I told you that IF effects you every single day) Last Year I took Megan and Gunner to the Memorial Day Parade. Last year, I was starting stims for IVF, last year I thought that it would be the last year i took someone elses child to the parade, last year I hadnt suffered a crappy egg retireval, aspirated pneumonia, or a major tooth infection. Last year i hadn't even known what it was like for someone to tell you that you were pregnant, last year I hadn't suffered a horrible miscarriage, D&C, or methotrexate injections. Infertility changes your life but having a miscarriage, loosing the baby you fought so hard for, scars your heart forever.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Extream Makeover Cortney Edition

As you can tell by the title, I am giving my blog and myself a makeover! I feel it is time to walk down a different road. A road that deals with my real life issues and feelings. I have a very dear friend of mine named Niki, and she is very real. She never sugar coats anything and I Admire her for that. It is time to get real with myself, find out what is under neath all of this PCOS drama and unleash the real me.

I am not hiding behind the fact that I am infertile and I am not going to tell anyone that I am not going to allow IF to effect my everyday life because it will. I am just choosing to deal with it in a whole new way. I am sick of PCOS controling every aspect of my life. Somethings such as the IF I can not change, but things like my weight, which bothers me, makes me feel uncomfortable, and keeps me from wearing the cute clothes I would rather wear, I can change that. Somedays may be easier then others, and some may be set in a darker place then the day before but this is the real me, my real thoughts, my real goals, my real dreams.

Hang on because this could be one crazy ride!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Gunner!

Today is Gunners 3rd birthday. The last three years have flown by so fast. It seems just like children our fur babies grow up just as fast. Three years ago, Gunner was a tiny and Shy Puppy. Today he is our Handsome little guy and we love him more then words can say. Happy Birthday my special Brown eyed boy! mama and daddy love you more then you could ever know.